Changing your mind


This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. The reasoning behind that is probably because I am the most indecisive person on earth. As I have shared before, I recently got a job in Kansas City. I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t wild about the job, but it paid well and it honestly was the best option. So, I packed up and moved here at the beginning of January. Well, turns out this job is not for me. I thought long and hard about it and I know what I am never going to enjoy sitting in a cubicle everyday with no human interaction. So guess what? I’m changing my mind. I started looking for something that I knew I would enjoy doing and now I have accepted a job in Joplin, MO which is two hours and 30 minutes away from where I live in KC. Not only will I be enjoy what I am doing there much more than what I do here, but I’ll also be closer to my family. Does it look bad that I am quitting something after only a month of working here? Probably. But I decided that waking up and being miserable is much worse than what my resume says about me.

A lot of the people I have told my unfortunate situation to act surprised by my decision to change careers so quickly. Yet they know none of the back story, and they probably never will. Don’t be so quick to judge others and their decisions. Changing their mind about something may be the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves.


2 thoughts on “Changing your mind

  1. I 100% can relate! You don’t know what you’re going to like until you try it and if it’s not for you why waste another second being miserable? The only person who is truly affected is you, so why worry about anything else? I hope your new job and move to Joplin goes good!


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