How to achieve good college graduation photos

So you’re graduating from college? It has become a trend to put your photo on/with your graduation announcement but you don’t know what will look good without being cheesy like your high school senior pictures.

Well, here are some tips on how to achieve a mature, appropriate graduation photo to add to your announcement!

1. Include the school mascot in the background:


Most schools have a statue, large painting, etc. Taking your picture in-front of one screams school spirit and also has tradition written all over it. I love this one by Creations by Kelsie. (Go check her out!)

2. Pose with a funny sign/or decorated graduation cap.


Another by Creations by Kelsie that is cleaver and gets the point across. “I’M DONE!” is exactly how I felt, too!


How cute is this photo of this graduating couple and her decorated cap? That is actually the cap I decorated/wore at my graduation! Although I didn’t get near as cute of a picture!


(No one kissed me…)

3. Go simple and just use the school colors:


Every campus has beautiful features, incorporate them! Pitt State always has red and yellow flowers (their colors) in the spring and they went perfectly with Haleigh’s girly outfit.

4. Use props:



How adorable are these balloon pics!? Nothing says “Come help me celebrate” more than balloons!!! (Okay, maybe alcohol but I don’t think grandma would appreciate that.)

Creating a unique, fun graduation announcement can be quick and easy if you incorporate a photo! Show some examples to your photographer and they will definitely help you achieve the look you’re going for.

(Please feel free to share on your Facebook and Pinterest pages!!!)


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