Battling Lonely

So. I am the ABSOLUTE WORST when it comes to being lonely. I don’t know why–Maybe I’m just a super social person. I’ve tried to think of reasons and can’t really come up with any besides “it’s just the way I am”– Point is, I definitely do not handle it well.

The good thing is that I recognize it. When I get lonely I love to run right back to bad relationships or drink or drown myself in work. Not cool. Not healthy. None of those things are improving me as a person so why do them?! So, I have come up with a list of 25 things to do when I am feeling this way and I thought I’d share:

  1. Go exercise
  2. Take a Bath
  3. Make a to-do list of what you need to get done/your own 25 things to do when you are lonely
  4. Cook something you’ve never tried before
  5. Start a blog (such a good stress reliever)
  6. Call a loved one you haven’t talked to in awhile (Grandma & Grandpa won’t be around forever)
  7. Clean your car
  8. Redecorate/Rearrange your bedroom
  9. Re-vamp your resume
  10. GET OFF FACEBOOK (It is toxic)
  11. Color coordinate your closet
  12. Get a pedicure
  13. Clean out your closet and give the clothing you don’t wear to charity
  14. Go to a bar and have 1 (yes, only one) drink that you’ve never tried
  15. Plan your meals for the week (and stick to them!)
  16. Force yourself to laugh. You can trick your brain into thinking your happy by just smiling
  17. Take a nap on the couch
  18. Watch a new series on Netflix
  19. Take a road trip for the day even if it’s a short one
  20. Paint your keys with nail polish
  21. Try a new make-up tutorial
  22. Design your own water bottle on Etsy and order it.
  23. Write out a list of why you are so awesome
  24. Refinish a piece of furniture
  25. Take 5 minutes and write down or think about all the things you are thankful for in life. (You have two arms, you have healthy children, you have some place to live)

And when you can cross one off the list– it feels pretty dang good.


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