5 Reasons To Listen to Your Older Siblings Advice

I am so lucky to have three older & amazing sisters. For as long as I can remember they have been giving me advice. “Taylor, don’t pick your nose or no boys will like you.” “Taylor, you have thick legs– stay away from printed leggings– but you have a small waist, so that peplum top will look great on you.” These three have also given me advise that has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Following guidelines has never my thing “eh, i’ll learn for myself…” But boy, let me tell you, listen to what your siblings have to say. It took me a long time to realize this, but they love you–so they are probably giving advice for a reason.

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Kylie, Mallory, Me, Milan

5 Reasons to Listen to Your Siblings Advice:

1. They are usually telling you from experience.

No, they aren’t telling you “don’t drink and drive”, because they don’t want you to experience partying, having fun, or being adventurous. They are telling you because they don’t want your entire life to be ruined/over if you get in an accident or pulled over. When they say “that happened to my friend….” your sibling is trying to say it could happen to you, too. Listen to them.

2. They are usually right.

I hardly ever listened to what advise my sisters had to give me. I always took it into consideration, but when faced with the situation at hand I would handle it in my own young-minded, immature way. And when it would blow up in my face, I would realize afterwords that I just should have listened.

3. Because their advice is still cooler than your parents.

Dads: “Don’t have sex until you are MARRIED YOUNG LADY!”

Siblings: “You better make sure that you love each other and you BETTER use protection or else you are going to 1. Get an STD or 2. get pregnant and fat.”

4. They are trying to protect you from getting hurt, or hurting others.

“Should I text my ex boyfriend back?” Siblings will always tell you no, and they mean it- they don’t want to see you cry anymore or be upset over anything for that matter. Being your family it is natural they want to protect you.

Drama with another person? My sisters always tell me to “take the high road”, or “be the bigger person.” Although it is sometimes hard for me to do so, I ALWAYS feel better in the end.

5. Because they want you to better yourself.

Siblings see your potential. There are few who really care about how you turn out. You might want to listen to them.

Without my sisters there is a high probability I would be a train wreck. One of the things that brings me the most joy in life is the relationship I share with them. If there is a time you are wondering who to turn to, look to your siblings. They will always be there for you!


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