How Changing the Foods You Eat; Changes Your Life

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My sister, who might I add is a rockin’ 10, lost 60 pounds naturally–through diet only–in 4 months without exercising at all. You’re probably like “get real” but– for once– I am dead serious. Mallory did everything she could possibly think of when she was overweight: exercised, ate “healthy”, and even tried calorie counting. Yet none of it worked. It wasn’t until she was attending Chiropractic school, that she realized what was wrong all along. She was allergic to the “healthy” foods she was eating.

Obviously eliminating all processed foods was her first step. Processed foods are AWFUL for our bodies and if you want to see how they are killing us just watch the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” and/or “Food Inc.” (my personal favorites) She then went to get food sensitivity testing done- giving her results that shocked her. Mallory is allergic to some strange things: Black pepper, wheat, dairy, bananas, almonds, rye (the list goes on)… Weird right? These seemingly “healthy foods” were making her keep all her weight on, no matter what she did. They were also inflaming everything in her body causing stomach aches. Her and her husband, Mike, eliminated basically everything from their diets besides water, fish, chicken, and vegetables. (A really strict Paleo diet) They did this for four months as a “cleansing process” and afterwords started to gradually add more things (that neither of them were allergic to) back into their diets. Also, Mallory’s mood improved tremendously. Not only because she looked better and had more confidence- but because she didn’t feel sick anymore. I put together a video for a project while I was still in college over her story (it’s not the best quality, but it’s interesting to hear it from her)

Watch here —–>

There are so many fast ways to lose weight but stop and ask yourself.. is this chemical formulated shake, “meal plan”, etc. good for me? Hell no. Stop! If you are like me and want to truly feel, look and live healthily then you need to put wholesome, natural food in your body! This hasn’t been an easy process for me. I thoroughly enjoy french fries & ketchup, but making changes even if they are small are still making a difference. As Mallory said in the video “Every meal is a new choice.” 

I am so excited to share the healthy Paleo recipes I love as well as some of the workouts I like to do during the week!


3 thoughts on “How Changing the Foods You Eat; Changes Your Life

    • Yes! It is very true. I think that it would be a great idea if everyone got food sensitivity testing. My other sister, Kylie, was eating a lot of eggs and corn in her diet–they didn’t show any allergic reactions on the outside, but she was highly sensitive to both! Thanks for reading, Steven.


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