Living With Change


Change… one small word that has so many different meanings to people. Think of what “change” is to you? Exciting, necessary, downright scary? See what I mean. There’s no real clear way to define the powerful word. There is one thing about change I know effects life in the most drastic way. Your attitude towards it.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas where the population was around 10,000. Besides the occasional “small town drama” everything was comfortable, predictable, and frankly, pretty easy. When it came time to choose a college, I chose to stay in my hometown and go to the local community college for a couple of years. It seemed like the right thing to do: cheaper, more scholarships, etc. Looking back now, I didn’t move away for college because I was scared of change. Even when I graduated from LCC and moved on to a University I chose one that was only 30 minutes away and where my boyfriend (at the time) was also attending.

2014 brought many changes for me: breaking up with my boyfriend of three years, actually having a “college experience”, meeting a new amazing guy, finding a job, graduating college, and moving away. Fast forward to 2015. I started my job in Kansas City, two hours away from my hometown January 5th and also moved into a three bedroom house with two random roommates. (I like to think of myself as Jess Day.)  I always thought I was the fun, spontaneous type that would LOVE change and just roll with whatever punches got thrown my way, but this wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t want to say goodbye to my best friends who I had shared millions of memories with over the past years. I didn’t want to end the new relationship I had just started a month earlier. I didn’t want to live with two people whom I knew nothing about. All of these perspectives started to give me a negative outlook on the truly awesome opportunity that was before me. That’s the thing about change. If you have a pessimistic attitude towards it, I can guarantee you are going to hate it. I did. But when I decided to look at the positives: that I was lucky enough to have a job opportunity, have someone who wanted to be with me even through the distance, and live somewhere new and exciting to explore my entire mindset about change, changed.

If you are going through any changes, good or bad, in your life: a hard break-up, new job, moving to a new city… I  know that it can be hard to recognize the positives, but if you wake up every single morning and count your blessings it will help you get through the change at hand.

As for dealing with my change, I still have a long way to go. I also realize that there are going to be so many more changes in my life– and there will be in yours too– so get ready for it!


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