Maintaing Long-Distance Friendships

Moving away from the people you love is hard. Moving away from your best friends is even harder. Letting high school relationships slip through your fingers is so easy after graduating and going your separate ways. I do not like losing friends, but sometimes you have to pick your battles and realize that some friendships just aren’t worth your effort. There are plenty of friendships that are worthy of effort, though. The people who still ask you to do things although they are busier than a bee, the ones that text you as much as you text them, and the ones who truly care about how your life is chugging along– those are the ones you want to read this post for. I am so lucky to have four amazing best friends who have been willing to put in as much effort to stay a part of my life, as I have put in to stay in theirs. There are many reasons as to why we have been able to remain so close to one another, and here they are:

1. No matter how many days pass without talking to one another, we will always know that we share a special bond.

These days everyone is so busy; Haydn has two kids to take care of, Alyssa is part of a D1 cheer squad, Erin attends KU and has accumulated enough new friends there to fill a convention center, and Haleigh is a studyholic/workaholic/rave kitten (lol) We UNDERSTAND that about each other. We aren’t going to flip a lid if one of us forgets to text back or can’t make a birthday party- it’s just life.

2. We still make time to see each other.

It is rare and magical when I get to spend time with each one of them. I think the last time I saw Haydn we were giving her kids a bath for the day. It doesn’t matter to us that she has two children and that I can’t even take care of a pet fish. We both still want someone to share our lives with. It honestly doesn’t matter what any of us do when we are together because we can still make the little time we have together count.

blogbff10(P.S. Aren’t they adorable?)

3. We don’t get upset over petty things.

Oops, just dropped a huge spot of something mysterious from that loaded BBQ fry stand onto Haleigh’s white dress that she let me borrow.


It happened shortly after this photo was taken– I was completely sober as you can see. Luckily the stain came out- but even if it didn’t, she wouldn’t be mad at me. And she would still let me borrow her clothes. (thank god, she has an amazing wardrobe.)

4. We are there for each other when times get rough, even through the distance.

There has been countless times where I have been down in the dumps so I text one of them, and they reply with an amazing response that instantly changes my perspective on the matter.  Just yesterday I was asking Alyssa’s opinion over something I was really unsure about and she replied with “Maybe it’s meant to happen. Maybe you’ll find yourself this way. Just let it play out and enjoy it!!!” Okay, bitch. Thanks for about the most perfect reply ever. Situation averted. I can always count on them to make me feel better. There has also been countless times that they’ve texted me when they were having bad days. Be there for your friends, tell them that they rock your socks off, support them, and tell them that everything is going to be alright– because ultimately that’s all they need to hear.

Maintaining true friendships isn’t easy to do as we get older since there are so many distractions in our own lives. Friendship is a quality that, I believe, you cannot live a truly happy life without. Take time to make those around you feel special– it will make the biggest difference in your day. I love you girls!

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Haydn and I–

blogbff9 blogbff0

2006 (hoodrats)                                 2014


2007(more hoodrats)                              2015



2012 (Alyssa’s eyebrow piercing phase)             2015



2007 (that necklace & that phone, OMG!)              2015


2011 (Wow, cute smile right?)









One thought on “Maintaing Long-Distance Friendships

  1. PositivePam says:

    I am so proud of my niece!! AND that you “get” what life is all about!!! Continue to be YOU! I love reading your blogs!! Just warn me when the blog is posted about your crazy Aunts!! XXOO


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