Remembering time spent at grandma’s

My grandpa and grandma Osborn lived on an old dirt road in Gridley, KS- where the population is around 400 people. My family and I lived two hours away where I grew up, so visiting on the holiday’s and for a week in the summer with my sister- was always an adventure. We got to do lots of things while we were there that we never dreamed of doing at home: feeding cattle with grandpa, going fishing, riding horses, and making mud pies in the back yard were a few of my favorites.

There is something about a grandma’s cooking that literally cannot beat anyone else’s in the world, something about playing board games with her at the holidays surrounded by your family, and something about snuggling with her in a recliner chair when you’re little– that make you feel more loved than anything in the world.

Those “somethings” are what I will always remember about my grandma. And they’re things I don’t want to forget, so that one day when I am at that point in my life, I can make my grandchildren feel the same way as she made me feel.

Rest in peace to a very beautiful angel that god gained yesterday, January 26, 2015.


One thought on “Remembering time spent at grandma’s

  1. Max Bartlett says:

    Really enjoyed reading this; it reminded me so much of my own Grandpa and Grandma Osborn — your Grandpa Max Osborn’s parents — and how there an be such continuity from generation through generation. Thanks!


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