Why I got over being embarrassed

Okay, so, talk about the most awkward life ever. = ME!!! Seriously. Last weekend I was at the bar and walked out of the bathroom to meet my new (which makes this even worse) boyfriend –who was waiting outside for me– with a 2 foot long, maybe longer, piece of toilet paper stuck the the heel of my boot. I literally HAD NO f****** clue it was there until he told me to look down………….


Cool. Really cool. This isn’t the first embarrassing thing I’ve done in front of Austin either: 1. 1st time I ever met him- Got hit in the forehead with a frisbee that he and his friends were playing with, it left a bruise. 2. Tried to send a HIDEOUS, and I mean hideous as in I looked like Sloth off of “The Goonies” snap to my friend Haleigh- put it on “my story” instead and he’s the only one who actually opened it (thank god no one else had to witness it). He then proceeded to text me saying “haha nice story”……… 3. Was at his grandparents house for only the second time, and broke their standing lamp in the basement. (How? I don’t even know.)

The list goes on and on, but you get the point. I have seriously done countless embarrassing things in front of my friends, family, and larrrrrrge amount of boys. But there has been one good lesson that came from these “omg I want to die” moments.


Everyone does embarrassing things. Quit fretting over something that people are most likely not going to remember a day, a week, or a year down the road. It’s funny. Life would be so boring if people didn’t do embarrassing things. And that’s usually the takeaway– humor. I try not to worry about what other people think of me, and that has helped me be a much happier person. And if i’m going to do embarrassing things –which I am– I might as well be a happy person while I do them. 🙂


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