Things I’ve Eaten So Far Today:

I want to be skinny fit in such a bad way. It’s what I think about approximately 25% of the day. I am not blessed with a body that easily transforms, and when I eat one m&m I gain 5 pounds. (That’s an exaggeration but basically.) So every night when I go to bed I think “I am going to eat ONLY healthy stuff tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what my bod is going to look like come summer”– wrong. Here’s how today went:

8:00 am- An apple (started out strong, was going to stick to my meal prepping plan)

8:15 am- “I think i’ll just have this banana yogurt that is supposed to be my afternoon snack right now”

10:30- “I’M STARVING! Why isn’t it lunch yet?!?!” *Eats cucumber slices that were brought as a second back-up*

12:00- Chicken, zucchini and peas. (At least it’s all been healthy so far???)

12:30- Left for my actual lunch break to run to target and get some things I needed. Stopped at sonic. Got mozzarella sicks. Fail.

2:45- A cookie that some natzi decided to bring to work to torture me with.

Seriously what’s wrong with me?! Lets hope the rest of the night plays out better than my morning has. Some days (or weeks in my case) you just have to let yourself go before you can get back on track.


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