A young person’s view on being a mom

I am not a mom yet, but someday I want to be and there are lots of reasons why. My mom is single handedly the best person on this earth (next to my dad and Ellen Degeneres) and I want my kids to see me –as a see her– someday. DSC_0656 copyShe is such a good grandma, too. I don’t know how hard being a mother is. Probably extremely hard. You never get any sleep, you have someone, other than yourself, to worry about 24/7 and patience is NOT my strong suit. My sister, whom is very much like me– only a lot better in that she is kind, thoughtful, and extremely caring for others– is also a mom to two perfect little babies who I call my niece and nephew. photo(Adorable, amirite?) Even though Kylie juggles work, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Brogan and Gatlin, she still finds time to be an amazing sister and friend– all qualities I want to possess when I become a mom. —–P.S. She had no clue this was stuck to her foot the other day when I was with her:


 1. It is a sparkle sticker that probably got stuck there while she was cleaning one of the thousands of messes she has to clean up each day.

2. We have never laughed so hard in our lives because it took her 5 minutes to notice it even after we told her. Kylie: “What?.. what are you talking about? My toenails?” Me: “No.” *laughing hysterically* Kylie: “What?!?! This blister I have” Me: “NO!!! No, look!” *Laughing so hard I’m crying* She eventually noticed… LOLLLLL.

3. This is another reason I know being a mom is stressful. So busy you don’t even realize a pink and purple dragon-fly has been stuck to your foot for the last 12 hours… (And it probably would have stayed there for much longer if we didn’t notice it for her.)

A lesson that I’ve learned from both my mom and sister is that being overwhelmed, being broke, and being worried– is totally worth it. Getting to be a mom is something I see so many girls take for granted, which is something I hope I never do. I am not anywhere near ready to be a mom. Waiting until I can fully support a child mentally, emotionally, and financially is extremely important and remembering that there is no reason to rush the process is something I have to remind myself of, so that I don’t get myself into a situation I can’t handle. My friend Haleigh, who is wise beyond her years, always makes a valid point when the topic of parenting comes up. “No one ever stops to think about how their decisions are going to affect the kid, they just think about themselves.” Having children is such a blessing and I have some of the most amazing teachers to learn from, once I am ready. I know what it feels like to have a mom that loves me deeply, provides for me, and is there for me anytime I need her. This is exactly the type of mom I want to be someday, and the type I think every mother should strive to be. Signaiture

4 thoughts on “A young person’s view on being a mom

  1. Another great read!! Dear Taylor, you are becoming wise beyond your years!! Glad you are realizing what is important in your life and what a sacrifice it is to be a “Mom”………you are so right….you have amazing teachers to follow!! XXOO


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