Bachelorette Parties

Spring is almost the corner, which means lots of couples are getting ready to get married. None that I know all that well, because my girlfriends swear they’re never want to get married. *Cough, HALEIGH, ALYSSA, ERIN, cough*  Upcoming weddings mean that there are about to be a lot of bachelorette parties in out midst.

I have only been part of one bachelorette party, but I am almost positive it was the greatest one ever. Alright, it was my sisters, so I might be biased–but seriously the day included mimosas and pole dancing— awesome. 



One bachelorette party that I know will be attending in the near future is for one of my other sisters, Kylie. I am not going to be the one to plan it because 1. No one nor myself trusts me to and 2. She has 6,000 other friends that will do it for her. That doesn’t mean I am going to sit back and not throw any of my opinions in. I want to go canoeing, eat hot dogs, and make a weekend out of the occasion. (reasons no one wants me to plan it)

If you are the one helping her with this important, and completely necessary day, you should make it the most cliche, ridiculously fun experience ever.

Including but not limited to:

1. Pole Dancing

Yes, this is my first suggestion. One of the most fun things I’ve ever experienced, and if the bride likes to workout, this is also great for working on your fitness!


Cups, plates, shot glasses, straws, glasses, etc. Easily accessible at your local Spencer’s.

3. Lingerie Presents

4. Limo Ride

5. Dinner & Drinks

6. The bar afterwords

Where she will wear a sash and a light-up hat.

Ready, set, party!


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