DIY: Flower Crowns

So flower crowns are about the most adorable thing of my life… The other day I got the honor of making a few at work for a fashion show we were in last week. (they looked amazing, btw!)


They were super easy to make and I ended up doing one for myself out of the leftover materials because I loved them so much.

Real flower crowns are to die for, but since we want to use them over and over in our pictures I decided that we wanted them to be made of fake flowers. Here are some tips on how to make long lasting flower crowns easily and for cheap.

1. Plan out what color scheme you want your flower crown to be. We decided to go with black & red; different shades of purple; and for the last pink & white.

2. Go to Hobby Lobby when STEM flowers are on sale. I got the ones I used for 50% off! I advise you to do the same because those things are pricey. ($5.99 for one rose – HA!!!)

photo 1photo 2photo 3

3. Make sure that you get a variety of sizes and greenery to cover the headband part. For a dramatic flower crown you will want big flowers such as roses or gerber daises. For a more subtle flower crown you should get stems of baby’s breath or other small flowers. Also get green grapevine wire and floral wire. They look like this:

0004650105611_500X500 895854

4. Wrap the grapevine wire to fit around your head, leave a little extra to wrap it around a the end to make a circle, and cut with wire cutters then wrap the ends around each other. (make it a little bigger than your head if you’re going to use a lot of flowers.)


5. Start cutting pieces of the greenery you picked to wrap around the grapevine wire to cover it up. Twist a piece of the floral wire around each section, then wrap that around the grapevine wire. You are trying to hide it with the greenery to make it a little more dense.


6. Finish by wiring on your main flowers. Hot glue on any peices that look like they could be loose. (Especially big heavy flowers.)

Finished products:

blog4 blog5 blog6

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