DIY: Flower Crowns

So flower crowns are about the most adorable thing of my life… The other day I got the honor of making a few at work for a fashion show we were in last week. (they looked amazing, btw!)


They were super easy to make and I ended up doing one for myself out of the leftover materials because I loved them so much.

Real flower crowns are to die for, but since we want to use them over and over in our pictures I decided that we wanted them to be made of fake flowers. Here are some tips on how to make long lasting flower crowns easily and for cheap.

1. Plan out what color scheme you want your flower crown to be. We decided to go with black & red; different shades of purple; and for the last pink & white.

2. Go to Hobby Lobby when STEM flowers are on sale. I got the ones I used for 50% off! I advise you to do the same because those things are pricey. ($5.99 for one rose – HA!!!)

photo 1photo 2photo 3

3. Make sure that you get a variety of sizes and greenery to cover the headband part. For a dramatic flower crown you will want big flowers such as roses or gerber daises. For a more subtle flower crown you should get stems of baby’s breath or other small flowers. Also get green grapevine wire and floral wire. They look like this:

0004650105611_500X500 895854

4. Wrap the grapevine wire to fit around your head, leave a little extra to wrap it around a the end to make a circle, and cut with wire cutters then wrap the ends around each other. (make it a little bigger than your head if you’re going to use a lot of flowers.)


5. Start cutting pieces of the greenery you picked to wrap around the grapevine wire to cover it up. Twist a piece of the floral wire around each section, then wrap that around the grapevine wire. You are trying to hide it with the greenery to make it a little more dense.


6. Finish by wiring on your main flowers. Hot glue on any peices that look like they could be loose. (Especially big heavy flowers.)

Finished products:

blog4 blog5 blog6

Rushed morning make-up

Doing make up takes a big chunk of time out of our mornings. I like to feel put together, but I would honestly rather sleep in extra 30 minutes, then wake up ANY earlier to put my mask on. After countless times of running late, or looking like a sleep deprived witch- I have found a balanced, quick routine to still feel pretty AND make it to work on time.

1. Face lotion-

Whether you use a BB cream or an actual lotion– this is the most important step. Your make up will go on much smoother, your face will be less dry (OR OILY!– moisturizing oily skin will end up making your face produce less oil), and it will also help your make-up last longer.

2. Powder-

In high school, I only used liquid foundation. I have big pores, so I never thought that powder would work for me. I was wrong– I started using Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder foundation and it works like magic. Powder takes half the time to put on that liquid does so this is a great solution for me.

4. Eye shadow & Eye liner-

For days you’re in a rush, it is best to stick with a neutral eye shadow and just use that one color. Put your brush in the crease of your eyelid and press harder there to create a more diminutional look.  Definitely don’t pick to do a cat-eye on rushed days. (Which literally take me 10 years to make even)  Put some black liner on your bottom lid, and maybe a thin line on top like I did here, to make you look more awake.


5. Mascara & Lip gloss-

Use a mascara that gives you length & volume. (I use L’Oreal® Paris Voluminous Original Mascara) This helps you only have to go over your lashes a few times. Which really helps with the time it takes overall. For your lips, just use your favorite chap stick or lip gloss. Lipstick and lip-stain require more time and effort to make look good.

This routine gives me enough coverage that I don’t feel like everyone at my job is wondering who their new co-worker is, but it also doesn’t take long. Figure out a routine that works best for you, because from experience– sometimes just having a little makeup on can give a boost of confidence to rock the day ahead.



Selfies and Why They Are Great


I hear so many negative comments throughout the week about how annoying, narcissistic, and ridiculous selfies are. During my last semester of college, I was required to do a research study over something I was passionate about.  With those critical comments in mind, I decided I wanted to find out why selfies were viewed negatively– yet people still chose to take them. After conducting 7 interviews and 100 surveys from a variety of people, I found some interesting things.

1. When people get “likes” on their selfies, they feel better about themselves. 

“I think it confirms that people like my outfit or my hair that day.”–Haleigh

2. Selfies aren’t discriminatory. 

All ages, all genders, and all nationalities take them. Whether you’re an important person in the community (the president of my university took one at the commencement ceremony and it was AWESOME), or just some regular joe it doesn’t matter. Selfies appeal to a wide range of people.

3. It’s a creative outlet.

I have a question for people who despise selfies– why? Don’t you get tired of instagramming your plate of food or your cat everyday? Everyone wants to see your beautiful face sometimes, too! There are so many ways that you can make selfies creative and even look like art. Honestly, it’s a fun pastime if you really get into it. (do your hair and make-up different ways, find cool scenery, wear a fun headband)

4. Memories 

I think selfies are awesome and I’ve been known to take a few (or many) and upload them to my instagram. I like to go back and look at how much I have changed over the past few years. It’s interesting, and seeing those changes wouldn’t be possible if I was too afraid of what people might think when I uploaded them.

Selfies have become a phenomenon. Think of all the hashtags created by people taking them: #selfiesunday #sweatyselfie, #nomakeupselfie etc. In May 2013, instagram said that the hashtag exceeded 20 million. Self-confidence is beautiful, so what’s wrong with sharing yours with the world? If getting likes on their picture makes someone feel better about themselves for even thirty minutes of their day, why be annoyed with that? My friend, Hallie, got a selfie stick for Christmas and we recently had a lot of fun with it:

blogselfie3blogselfie blogselfie2

See, selfies are awesome and don’t let people tell you otherwise. Signaiture

Bronde: Hair color for girls who want to be a brunette and a blonde.

“Blondes have more fun.”

“Brunettes have beauty and brains.”

Now how exactly am I supposed to decide on a hair color with two COMPLETELY contradicting statements like that.

If you are SO indecisive like me- I have your answer. Bronde. It is in the middle of brown and blonde (SUCH a creative name -_-). Isn’t it gorgeous? I will definitely be trying this out once summer rolls around.


(might I add that Jesse James Decker is an absolute babe.)