Spring Fever

Winter weather has seriously been putting a damper on my mood. In years past I have taken comfort in the winter season as a time for bettering myself. A time to work extra hard at my job, write more, save money, start a new exercise routine, etc.

But this year I have found it difficult to enjoy any of the winter routines I have in the past. Moving twice since the start of the new year has put a pause on activities I definitely took for granted last year. For example sleeping in the same bed for more than three nights in a row.

I promise I’m not complaining– very happy with the choices I’ve made the last few months. (It’s been way too long since my last post so here is a quick update.) In November I took a leap of faith, quit my job and have been working on growing my photography business. I love it more than I ever could have imagined but constantly being on the go during the winter season has made focusing on my own well-being a challenge.

Not today though. Today the sun is shining. It’s 69 degrees outside. I was able to run my favorite trails this morning and now I am at the coffee shop working on photos. Basically today is a little sneak peek of my spring and the perfect push to get me through winter. I also forgot how much I love spring clothes. Check out todays outfit!


If you’re having trouble finding happy days in winter just remember that brighter, warmer ones are just around the corner. Do at least one thing that makes YOU happy tonight, tomorrow, and the next day and winter will be gone before we know it!


Stacking your bracelets

Okay, so I am a little biased because I work for the wonderful ladies that came up with this bracelet line, BUT even if I didn’t I would still be obsessed with them. They come in sets and they are literally to die for.

Each bracelet set is a few single bracelets stacked together:


erimish34 FullSizeRender (2)

(Me wearing Erimish)

This is a HUGE trend right now and Erimish honestly has the cutest sets I’ve seen.

Check out all their bracelet stacks if you are looking for this style!



Favorite Items for Spring

There are MANY reasons why I want warm weather and sunny skies to hurry up and get here. Most of them being because I want to wear cute clothes and actually enjoy being outside again. Since I started working for a boutique, I have seen a TON of cute items coming in and out of the store and it’s making me even more anxious!!

Here are my favorite things for spring:


1. Stacked bracelet sets from http://erimish.com. Their summer sets are AWESOMEEEEEE. I got a white set and a rose gold single so that I can basically wear them everyday.

2. Graphic tees and tanks. There are so many funny/cute sayings to wear around about how you’re feeling about life.

3. Cut-off jean shorts. Now that I have been working on my fitness and learned how to walk in heels, these are going to be my best friend. All day errday.

4. Heart shaped sunglasses. They speak for themselves. Adorable.

5. Bootcut/Bell Bottom jeans- Ahhh! Wore these the other day with a pair of wedges and they made my short stubby legs look SO long!

6. Not Rated “Blue Sea” heels (find them here http://lovecocos.com/products/bluesea-bronze) When I first saw them I thought “ew those are so gaudy”. But once I put them on my feet I fell in love. SO cute and they are neutral and can go with a ton of outfits and they are also comfortable.


Why graphic tee’s are so great

Graphic tee’s are basically t-shirts that are acceptable to wear out in pubic. They are comfortable and express you as a person. What’s not to love? Well, here is a tip to help you love them even more:

graphic tee

Wear your graphic tee regular and dress is up with jewlery; or tie it up and make it a crop top!!

Two shirts in one:)


Ballin’ on a Budget

I am so ecstatic about the MOUNDS of money I saved myself clothing shopping last week. Somehow, now that i’m an “adult” and actually have to spend my own money and not the governments–student loan reimbursement I miss you dearly– I have decided that I need to be frugal.

One thing that I have learned is that you should never buy anything full price. Buying something on sale not only saves you money- but it also gives you a shoppers’ high. The key is to look at the end of the season. You may not get to wear it for awhile, but once the weather changes– you’ll have something brand new hanging in your closet that hardly cost you anything.The second lesson I have learned is that brand name really doesn’t matter. Sure, the quality may not be quite as good with non-name brand stuff, but it’s usually pretty dang close and no one cares WHO you are wearing as long as it looks cute on YOU. Anyway, these are the steals I found and they’re too good not to share:

Black Zip-Back Black Sweater

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.17.43 AM

This sweater cost $131.50.



I found one that is almost identical for $9.98 at Burlington Coat Factory.

Winter Boots

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.32.53 AM

$99.95 for something you can wear 5 times a year? Nah.


Found these at Old Navy for $35. Now I just need some snow!

Grey Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.38.19 AM

Love, love, love, these grey skinny jeans and I have been dying to get some.



I found a similar pair at Old Navy for $8.99. (btw, that shirt is from Burlington Coat Factory and was only $10 too.)

Hunt for deals and you will find them! Even if I don’t get to wear my boots this winter, which is highly unlikely since I live in Kansas and there could possibly be a blizzard in July, I can wear them next year. Saving the $70 is worth that to me. In my opinion, having style and finding bargains is what makes you fashionable, not the label –or the price tag that comes on the clothing.