Spring Fever

Winter weather has seriously been putting a damper on my mood. In years past I have taken comfort in the winter season as a time for bettering myself. A time to work extra hard at my job, write more, save money, start a new exercise routine, etc.

But this year I have found it difficult to enjoy any of the winter routines I have in the past. Moving twice since the start of the new year has put a pause on activities I definitely took for granted last year. For example sleeping in the same bed for more than three nights in a row.

I promise I’m not complaining– very happy with the choices I’ve made the last few months. (It’s been way too long since my last post so here is a quick update.) In November I took a leap of faith, quit my job and have been working on growing my photography business. I love it more than I ever could have imagined but constantly being on the go during the winter season has made focusing on my own well-being a challenge.

Not today though. Today the sun is shining. It’s 69 degrees outside. I was able to run my favorite trails this morning and now I am at the coffee shop working on photos. Basically today is a little sneak peek of my spring and the perfect push to get me through winter. I also forgot how much I love spring clothes. Check out todays outfit!


If you’re having trouble finding happy days in winter just remember that brighter, warmer ones are just around the corner. Do at least one thing that makes YOU happy tonight, tomorrow, and the next day and winter will be gone before we know it!


The “Facebook” effect

So you think that girl/guy you’re so jealous of and stalk on social media has the perfect life right? They seem happy 24/7. They are beautiful, smart, funny. Everything YOU want to be. And to top is off, their boyfriends/girlfriends seem even more perfect.

I catch myself doing this a lot. Looking at other people’s lives and finding myself disappointed with my own. Yesterday I was looking at a fellow bloggers Instagram upload where her boyfriend had gotten her Gerber Daisies (my favorite flower) “just because.” At first I was all like “What the hell Austin, you suck!”

Then I realized him not getting me flowers for no reason doesn’t mean he’s a bad boyfriend to me. There are plenty of other things that he does for me that make me happy. People (including myself) mostly share the good things and rarely share the bad.

The point is, don’t be so quick to get unhappy with your own life. Think of all the shitty things that happen to us in REALITY. Do we share those things? No. Neither do those that you are jealous of.

I’m mad at myself for even comparing my life to others’s based off of social media. Sure, some of the stuff shared on social media is genuine, but ask yourself, if someone is THAT happy with their life, why do they have to share it and let everyone else know just how happy they are? I’d say at least 50% of peoples posts are pretty sugar coated.

We share our “Ideal” selves on social media, not our REAL selves.

We ALL have something beautiful to bring to the table. It may not seem like you have the perfect life, but no one does. Just remember that.