Favorite Items for Spring

There are MANY reasons why I want warm weather and sunny skies to hurry up and get here. Most of them being because I want to wear cute clothes and actually enjoy being outside again. Since I started working for a boutique, I have seen a TON of cute items coming in and out of the store and it’s making me even more anxious!!

Here are my favorite things for spring:


1. Stacked bracelet sets from http://erimish.com. Their summer sets are AWESOMEEEEEE. I got a white set and a rose gold single so that I can basically wear them everyday.

2. Graphic tees and tanks. There are so many funny/cute sayings to wear around about how you’re feeling about life.

3. Cut-off jean shorts. Now that I have been working on my fitness and learned how to walk in heels, these are going to be my best friend. All day errday.

4. Heart shaped sunglasses. They speak for themselves. Adorable.

5. Bootcut/Bell Bottom jeans- Ahhh! Wore these the other day with a pair of wedges and they made my short stubby legs look SO long!

6. Not Rated “Blue Sea” heels (find them here http://lovecocos.com/products/bluesea-bronze) When I first saw them I thought “ew those are so gaudy”. But once I put them on my feet I fell in love. SO cute and they are neutral and can go with a ton of outfits and they are also comfortable.


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