Rushed morning make-up

Doing make up takes a big chunk of time out of our mornings. I like to feel put together, but I would honestly rather sleep in extra 30 minutes, then wake up ANY earlier to put my mask on. After countless times of running late, or looking like a sleep deprived witch- I have found a balanced, quick routine to still feel pretty AND make it to work on time.

1. Face lotion-

Whether you use a BB cream or an actual lotion– this is the most important step. Your make up will go on much smoother, your face will be less dry (OR OILY!– moisturizing oily skin will end up making your face produce less oil), and it will also help your make-up last longer.

2. Powder-

In high school, I only used liquid foundation. I have big pores, so I never thought that powder would work for me. I was wrong– I started using Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder foundation and it works like magic. Powder takes half the time to put on that liquid does so this is a great solution for me.

4. Eye shadow & Eye liner-

For days you’re in a rush, it is best to stick with a neutral eye shadow and just use that one color. Put your brush in the crease of your eyelid and press harder there to create a more diminutional look.  Definitely don’t pick to do a cat-eye on rushed days. (Which literally take me 10 years to make even)  Put some black liner on your bottom lid, and maybe a thin line on top like I did here, to make you look more awake.


5. Mascara & Lip gloss-

Use a mascara that gives you length & volume. (I use L’Oreal® Paris Voluminous Original Mascara) This helps you only have to go over your lashes a few times. Which really helps with the time it takes overall. For your lips, just use your favorite chap stick or lip gloss. Lipstick and lip-stain require more time and effort to make look good.

This routine gives me enough coverage that I don’t feel like everyone at my job is wondering who their new co-worker is, but it also doesn’t take long. Figure out a routine that works best for you, because from experience– sometimes just having a little makeup on can give a boost of confidence to rock the day ahead.



For those of you who can’t live without coffee…

Blog Coffee

(Me before coffee- the living dead)


(Me after coffee–Let’s get some work done Y’ALL)

Coffee is a game changer. You wake up in the morning feeling weak and helpless thinking about the day ahead of you. While rolling out of bed in your oversized, stained clothing, you’re probably thinking “I can’t go on.” But then, you drink a cup of coffee with a splash of your favorite creamer and BAM. You’re alive and ready to kick this Thursday’s ass.

The problem in this equation is the creamer– I hate my coffee black, but creamer is AWFUL for you. 1. It’s dairy– not good. 2. It’s either full of sugar or artificial sweetener. 3. It has a ton of trans fat, gross.  Thankfully, I found my saving grace.


So Delicious Dairy-Free French Vanilla Coconut Milk creamer. (YUM!)


Nothing artificial, and there are only 20 calories in a serving. Coconut milk is so much better for you than the other who-knows-what-is-in-this stuff. If you can’t drink your coffee black, kick your favorite creamer to the curb and give this one a try! My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore after having a glass and I don’t feel guilty for putting a little extra in!

And if you decide to give it a try- let me know what you think!!