What to Wear: Shark Week Party edition!

So, your boyfriend is obsessed with Shark Week just like the other 80% of the male population. Or maybe you are the one with the passion for those great white beasts! Either way, Shark Week viewing parties are a fun, and a great way to get your friends and your significant others’ friends together!

Drinks and snacks such as the “Shark Attack” and “Great White Shark Cocktail” will of course be involved.

But the most important part of this day is hands down going to be the outfit. You could of course go the cliche way and wear something with a shark on it. OR you could wear an adorable styling outfit INSPIRED by a shark.

1. Tiger Shark:


Wear a blue colored maxi (get one with some thin stripes to make it even more dramatic) Add some sea-colored stack-able bracelets and your favorite necklace.

2. Great White:


Some adorable grey denim and a grayish-blue top will do the trick for this one! And how could you ever go wrong with those sandals?!

Shop lovecocos.com for these looks and have a GREAT SHARK WEEK!


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