What I have learned in 1 year of loving my job

image1 (27)Today marks my ONE YEAR  anniversary of working at Cocos Boutique in Joplin. Which is both rewarding and scary. –Rewarding because I get tired of everything way too fast and the fact that I have stuck with this and still love it makes me happy. Scary because a whole year has passed and I’m not sure where it went or what I’ve done?????? Mostly hate that I am a year closer to 23 (insert vomit face emoji.) Buttttt I am pretty excited about the amazing cupcake they got me ^^^^^.

I have learned a few things in the last year about myself and what my wants/needs from a job are. It has made me a better person and I know for as long as I live I will NEVER work for money if the job makes me unhappy. Unless it’s a million dollars. Then I’ll consider it…. Anyway, here are some important lessons I have learned at my job the past year:

  1. When you love your job, all other aspects of your life get better because you’re in a better mood and don’t dread waking up everyday.
  2. Feeling guilty for taking a personal day is dumb. Life is short. Take off early to go to a concert or to go see your friend out of town because that’s what life is actually about.
  3. Getting along with (or even just tolerating) the people you work with is the difference between being annoyed 24/7 and acquiring new friendships. (PLUS, you never know when these acquaintances might come in handy!)
  4. There is no such thing as too much caffeine on Monday.
  5. Knowing your worth is IMPORTANT. Make a list of everything you bring to the table. Here are mine: photography, social media skills, killer looks, amaze-balls personality– okay sorry, I got carried away there. But seriously, if you feel like you’re getting taken advantage of, you probably are- and you should address the issue ASAP or you’re just going to continue to be unhappy.
  6. Not being able to answer a e-mail or text immediately is not going to kill you. Or your boss. So chill.
  7. Saying “I can’t do that” isn’t going to solve the problem at hand. So come up with a better solution. (STILL WORKING ON THIS ONE.)
  8. If you love your job, a 30 minute commute seems like a cake walk. It actually becomes one of the most relaxing parts of your day. –If distance is something stopping you from taking a job you know you’ll be happier at, I am telling you- it’s not that bad. I am starting to have such an eclectic taste in music as well.
  9. If you bring fish for lunch, everyone is going to comment on how bad your food stinks. Everyone.
  10. You spend FORTY hours of your week at this place. FORTY. I’m terrible at math but that’s a serious amount of your life. FIND SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!

1 year

–P.S. how funny is this picture that they posted of me as a “meet our new employee”  HAHA I love it. Nothings changed and beer is still my favorite.


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